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Dr. Linza grew up on a dairy farm in Idaho playing every sport he could. After school, Dr. Linza enjoyed a career as an Army Office first as a Paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division and for the next 19+ years as member of the 5th Special Forces Group at Ft. Campbell, KY. Through the course of Dr. Linza’s sports and military career he injured everything you can think to injure. Dozens of overseas trips, half a dozen combat tours, and training schools combined with being blown up, shot at, lifting weights, and a lifetime of martial arts left Dr. Linza’s body in a very bad state. During a routine workout one day Dr. Linza’s back, “went out.” After learning that he had herniated his L5/S1 and that his doctors wanted to do a spinal fusion to repair the injury, Dr. Linza met Steve Capps, a chiropractor who was able to get Dr. Linza back to 80%. His first chiropractic experience changed Dr. Linza’s life.

After retiring from the Army Dr. Linza moved to Texas to complete his doctorate at Texas Chiropractic College. After graduating, Dr. Linza then moved to Florida to care for his ailing mother. Upon her death Dr. Linza moved back to Clarksville, the city he has called home for most of his adult life. Dr. Linza earned his Bachelor’s in biology from Austin Peay State University and truly enjoys being able to give back to the amazing people of Tennessee and Kentucky. Bringing a background in Eastern Medicine and with the help of Dr. Gilman, an Acupuncture clinic will soon be opening at KnowBull Chiropractic and Medical Acupuncture, in order to offer patients another option for health, wellness, and treatment of illness and disease.

In his “spare time,” Dr. Linza is the co-owner of KnowBull Beauty and volunteers as the team chiropractor/physician for Clarksville Elite Gymnastics Center. Dr. Linza loves spending time with his family, both human and canine and looks forward to the new challenges that lay ahead. Dr. Linza is truly excited with the opportunity to be a part of the KnowBull Chiropractic and Medical Acupuncture.